Enduro Quartz


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Your choice of Enduro Quartz will enhance your home or business space and give you years of hassle free beauty.


Enduro Quartz is a high quality affordable engineered quartz surface product that can be used for both residential and commercial interior building applications. Tough enough to handle wear-and-tear of high traffic areas and elegant enough to add style to any space.
Strength and elegance are what we are known for.

Bianco Cloud
Emparador Swirls
Snow Storm

Why Quartz?

Enduro Quartz surfaces are made of up to 93% quartz mixed with numerous polymers and pigments, providing a range of durable and elegant quartz surfaces, available in a wide variety of colours. With quartz being non-toxic, available in abundance and one of nature’s hardest materials, it means that Enduro surfaces are heat, stain, impact and crack resistant with a relative small eco-footprint. By choosing Enduro Quartz, as your eco-friendly choice you can enjoy peace of mind using our surface in any application.

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